The Outreach Ministry started in June 2005 when Mr Paul Doraiswamy and his wife, Shantha returned home from their theological studies in Singapore. By December 2005, 11 church planters came together to consolidate their effort reaching out to some 30 Indian native villages. On 11 June 2006, these 11 church planters were commissioned as “Rural Development Co-Ordinators”. To stay focus on the mission,Trinity Life Trust was formed on 4 November 2008 to undertake this ministry.

Trinity Life Church building at AnkamipalleTrinity Life Church building at BanderipalleTrinity Life Church building at KothurTrinity Life Church building at PattnamTrinity Life Church building at Rangapuram

A few pieces of land were donated generously by the villagers for the construction of church buildings in TFT sponsored villages. The proposed buildings would be open daily for community activities and on Sundays, it would be used for corporate Christian worship. Night tuition classes have been organized to help children as well.

A plurality of leadership of pastoral team and laity will manage and direct the affairs of these Trinity Life Churches for the benefits of the local communities. Trinity Children Funds was set up in December 2008 to enable needy children in TFT sponsored villages to study at public schools. Bursaries will be given out in May 2009 before the commencement of the new school year.

Young people from TFT sponsored villages form the Youth Ministry. Combined gatherings are organized half-yearly to provide training in Christian discipleship. These young people are challenged to take up the “TFT Social Entrepreneurship Scheme”. This is where new business ideas are encouraged with an initial startup fund of Rs5,000 each. Church Planters’ Wives Fellowship organized prayer meetings among women in the villages.

Trinity Life Trust is an institution of the Trinity Foundation Trust where the Village Ministry and all religious activities will be conducted. TFT sponsored village churches shall be known as “Trinity Life Church” under the provision in the new Trust Deed. Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ and to make Him known widely. We have adopted the Wesleyan tradition of holiness and connectional discipline in our spiritual pursuit.

Trinity Life Trust is officially registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 for Religious and Charitable Purposes on 4 November 2008 (Registered Charity No.66 of Bk IV/08).

Its Board of Trustees consists of:

President &
Managing Trustee:

Mr Paul Doraiswamy
Mrs Shantha Paul
Mr D. Selvaraj
Mr D. Karunagaran

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