As part of the long term strategic planning, the Trust Board has set a goal to achieve the “Self-Support 2010” Plan. We pray that this Plan would help to build a strong local support base in India to generate sufficient funds for all TFT activities and programmes.

The Board has taken the following initiatives:


The Trinity Farmland was opened on December 3, 2006 for cattle-rearing activities. On February 2007, we bought 4 calves and 4 cows for the farmland to kick off our social enterprise projects in our TFT sponsored villages. Friends of the Trust have also contributed to the purchase of a number of cows. The profits made from the sale of milk and other by-products would be used to support TFT ministries.


We have acquired a few plots of land for agricultural purposes. Some of the crops that are planted and harvested so far were groundnuts, mangoes and tangerines. In these farming activities, we are able to provide work to some of the poor villagers.

An urgent need now is to purchase a farm tractor to help farmers in our TFT-sponsored villages to plough the land and sow the seeds just before the rainy season begins. If the sowing is too slow, the planting effort will be in vain. The farmer would miss one harvest. Often, these poor farmers have to rent a farm tractor to speed up their jobs. However, they are at the mercy of the farm tractor owners who would only provide the ploughing service to those who can pay them well.

dairy farmingmilk saleploughing the farmlandbrick kiln


We took the opportunity to start a brick making enterprise to meet a demand for bricks for the construction of our SPV school and village churches. The first batch of 100,000 bricks was successfully kilned using the age-old way of firing the bricks in the open. We are planning to make more bricks for sale. In this project, again we are engaging the villagers to provide them with some means of earning a living.


We saw a problem that many youths in Chittoor faced. They are well educated but have no job to earn a living. The Trust is embarking a micro credit scheme to help these youths in our TFT sponsored villages to start up some businesses. A small start-up loan of Rs5,000 will be given as seed money for any youth who has a good and viable business idea. In this way, we hope to help these youths and their families to work hard to get themselves out of poverty rather than depend on handouts all their lives.

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